The tortugranja is a small aquarium for the conservation of large turtles such as carey, cahuama, and green turtles.

Their main objective is to protect the eggs of the turtles that hatch on the beaches of the island, and who were victims of the hunters who captured them to have their meat, eggs, and shell.


tortugranja isla mujeres


According to statistics of every 100 turtles that reach the beaches, only one managed to hatch or lay their eggs in the same place where they were born.

When the turtles are born, some weak turtles are placed in ponds to feed them and observe their evolution, and others are released to continue with their life cycle.


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To increase the chances of survival in this aquarium, turtle growth is monitored during its first year.

This aquarium has fish tanks of different sizes where you can see baby and adult turtles.

There is also a section where you can closely observe goldfish, snails, sea urchins, seahorses and other marine species that inhabit the Mexican Caribbean.


tortu granja

How to get to the Tortugranja


La Tortugranja is located at the southern tip of the island, 1 km from Lancheros beach, on the Sac-Bajo road.

It is a small place, but it has great importance on the island since there are investigations for the conservation of the turtles and their reproduction.


how to get to tortugranja


How was this project born?


This program was created to ensure the existence of sea turtles and preserve their future generations.

This project involves the inhabitants of the island together with the government and donors of the island.

They have an educational program about sea turtles, ideal for children.

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The entrance to the aquarium has a cost of recovery of $ 30 mxn, and inside they sell food for the turtles with an additional cost of $ 20 mxn
It is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Without a doubt, the Tortugranja is a place that you must visit in Isla Mujeres, approximately the tour lasts 30 minutes.

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